Neutral Tones

Lately I’ve been really getting into more neutral tones with my style. I love the versatility, simplicity and effortlessness of these tones. They’re easy to mix and match and you can definitely either dress them up or dress them down. The idea of neutral tones allows you to re-wear certain pieces without anyone actually noticing. The wave of minimalism was definitely huge the past year, so why stop now. In my opinion, the minimalistic lifestyle has definitely influenced the rise of a more neutral tone wardrobe. Additionally, due to neutral tones being more subdued, there’s an opportunity for more staple pieces (chic handbag or a pair coloured pumps). Not to mention, the longevity of neutrals; therefore, it remains classic (I definitely owe this kind of thinking to my mom). Finally, with neutral tones there isn’t too much thinking involved. This is a huge plus for those early classes where I want to look put together but don’t want to think too much about what to wear. There are numerous ways you can style with neutral tones. Play around with different textures and layers.


Glasses Gal

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