Fall In Love With Siargao: Part II

Well here is part 2 of my Siargao adventures, Part I is here for context. Anyways, after Sohoton Cove, we made our way to the next three islands we were supposed to tour.

Naked Island was the first of the three. Yes, the name of the island is ‘Naked Island’, but it isn’t what you’re thinking. The name originated because there is absolutely no trees or shade present, no cottages or huts anywhere. Instead, it has the finest white sand I’ve ever seen and crystal clear waters.


IMG_2446IMG_2457Next, we went to Daku Island (“daku” means “big” in Visaya). Unlike Naked Island, Daku is surrounded by towering coconut trees, and has a small community maintaining the island. Since it is bigger, there are more options for activities to do. Once you arrive, you have the choice to eat, snorkel or simply relax in one of the rented cottages. In fact, when we were there, I saw many tourists setting up their own tents; therefore, it is a great place to be at if you want a break from the bustle of General Luna.


In contrast to Daku Island, Guyam island translates to “small/miniature island.” Guyam  has similar features as Daku, but because of it’s size this island feels a lot more remote and isolated. One, can literally walk across this entire island in a span of about 25 minutes. That is how much this island lives up to it’s name.



Glasses Gal

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