Too Much Clothes? Do Something About It.

Who here struggles to find something to wear, yet their closet seems to be overflowing with clothes, shoes and accessories? You guys know! The staring in front of your closet and wondering how difficult it is to find an outfit, even though you just bought clothes last week! I’ve definitely had my share of this problem before many times. It wasn’t until last year when I was cleaning my closet and finally decided to get rid of a lot of my stuff.


During the process it was hard because I would have doubts on certain pieces and would reassure myself that I’d still need it. However, I had to be rigid towards my decisions or I was going to still end up keeping everything. I separated all my clothes that were about 3-4 years old, especially the ones that were completely out of style. For me, I made sure that my basics and essential pieces were the ones that I would unquestionably keep.

Speaking of essentials, a sizeable part of my closet were dresses because they were the best and easiest options for certain occasions. But over the years, I’ve accumulated a decent amount of dresses and some no longer worn. So, I chose only dresses that I knew were classics because I knew that I would get a lot of used out of them, like the LBD (little black dress).


Do your best to question yourself when you’re deciding to “keep it” or “toss it”. How often do you wear it? Has it just been collecting dust in your closet for years? Keep these kinds of questions in your mind when you’re cleaning everything out. Look, I know it may seem like it’s quite overwhelming to suddenly get rid of a substantial amount of clothing. But trust me, once you figure out your essentials and key pieces, you’ll be able to mix and match easier.


In terms of all the clothes you’ve decided to let go off, you can donate them instead of actually throwing them away. It was actually my mom who taught me to donate clothes to shelters because growing up that’s what she did. I mean it is the best way, because you’ll have a chance to help people out in need. If you do plan on donating your clothes, I suggests to do this responsibly. Research possible donation shelters and make sure you’re aware where and who will be receiving these donations. As well, ensure what kind of clothing they need and what you’re donating is clean and well-kept. Another option if you’re doubtful towards donations, you can drop it off at a thrift store instead. Some thrift stores specifically rely on donations because it supports certain programs (Goodwill Alberta).

However, if you want to earn some type of monetary value with your gently-used clothing, go find some consignment stores around your city. Not only will you get de-clutter your closet, but you’ll also have the chance to gain some profit. But I leave it up to you if you’ll save your earnings for a rainy day or maybe treat yourself to those new fall boots?


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