Edmonton Eats: The Moth Cafe

So when I moved to a bigger city for school, one of the things I was excited about was more diverse options for restaurants. In the city I grew up in, there wasn’t really any food places that specified on plant-based dishes. I’ve made simple vegan recipes before, but I wanted to actually be in an environment that fully committed to this lifestyle.¬†Therefore, when I heard about a vegan restaurant in Jasper Ave, I knew I just had to check it out.

The Moth Cafe pride themselves of having nutritious and delicious plant-based dishes. In my opinion, I really think this cafe is considered a hidden gem because the location does not do the inside of the place justice. When you enter the restaurant, you’re greeted by this warm ambience. The interiors of this place, is quite pleasing to the eyes (its what you call “instagram-worthy”). The mixtures of greenery with the wooden accents gives it that environmental and laid-back quality, but the marble tables adds a subtle luxury aspect. My favourite feature in the cafe was 100% the gorgeous hanging plant display by one of the group tables.


IMG_2785In terms of the menu, it’s full of diverse vegan dishes. Don’t even think that just because it’s a vegan restaurant they’ll only have tasteless salads and cliche green juices. The menu is packed with intriguing options, where you’ll be surprise on how they’ll make such dishes vegan friendly. From pot pies to burgers or noodle dishes to enchiladas, there are tons of options. In fact, they even have specialty drinks (plant-based of course), if I drank kombucha I would definitely try theirs, however kombucha in general doesn’t really agree with me.

So, I ordered the raw lasagna and my boyfriend ended up getting the jackfruit burger (which I was definitely excited to try). The waiting time for our order was pretty decent, especially since it was really packed when we went. When our food arrived, I have to admit I was doubtful about the portion size of the lasagna because I thought it wasn’t enough (I was very wrong obviously in the end of my meal). My lasagna was made from zucchini pasta with sun-dried tomato, cashew and pine nut ricotta, pistachio and basil pesto, and topped with fresh tomatoes and sprouts. Since my dish was from the raw food section, it was served cold. I recommend getting one of the other dishes if you want more of a heartier meal with more sides. I had the chance to taste the jackfruit burger, and I was very surprised. I’ve heard about the popularity of jackfruit to vegan dishes, specifically because it mimics the consistency of pulled pork. But the jackfruit burger we had was shaped more into two patties with mango chutney, spinach, and red onions. The taste of the burger itself was great in my opinion. My boyfriend thought it was just okay, he rated it a solid 7/10 (I think that’s a great rating coming from him because he’s a total carnivore).


img_2786.jpgIn my opinion, I would have loved the burger more if it had a spicy sauce instead of the sweet mango chutney. As well instead of two patties to just have it served as one full patty, so it’s easier to hold with the additional toppings of the burger. I enjoyed my lasagna, I thought the cashew+pine nuts ricotta was actually very delicious. In fact, I thought their version of ricotta cheese is a lot better than the real thing.

Overall, The Moth Cafe really delivered with impressive and tasty vegan specialties all in a welcoming atmosphere. If you’re someone who wants insight on authentic vegan food or simply looking for something new to eat, I suggests going here. I mean, if you’re not feeling like eating a full meal, just chill and enjoy one of their raw cheesecakes and a cup of their lavender sage peppermint tea. Go check them out!

The Moth Cafe is located in 9449 Jasper Avenue, Edmonton, AB. They’re open Mondays to Sundays from 10am-10pm.


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