Siargao Island Eats: Trattoria Altrove

My last night in Siargao and what do I eat? PIZZA! That’s right, though it would make more sense to eat at a seafood driven restaurant since I’m by the ocean, instead I chose pizza. To be honest this was actually the second time I ate at Trattoria Altrove. My cousin and I found this place the night before and we just truly enjoyed our pizza that we decided why not have that once again. 

Trattoria Altrove is a great choice for individuals who are craving homemade and rustic style pizzas in the middle of island life. Before you enter the restaurant you’re cheerfully greeted by the very friendly pizza makers (my cousin and I nicknamed them “Mga Kuya Na Makukulit” in a good way). The early friendly greetings provides insight of the exceptional service you will encounter during your lunch/dinner. The waiters and waitresses continuously ensure you’re enjoying your food and time at Trattoria Altrove. 

In their menu, they have a variety of pasta dishes and in house pizza recipes to choose from. However, if you feel like you want certain toppings, don’t fret because you have the freedom to do so. We chose to do the pizza making option. Our toppings included the Hungarian sausage, pepperoni, bacon, olives and onions. The food arrived remarkably fast, despite during a buzzing dinner service. I mean the pizza was great obviously since we already knew from the other night that they served real good food. 

Take your time to enjoy the cozy ambiance of the restaurant. It’s a no slippers/shoes restaurant, which I think adds to the more casual and homey feeling. The place has a beautiful greenery display of trees at the front, while the inside has beautiful wood work finishings. The entire atmosphere showcases how well they wanted to keep that rustic look yet it still provides a reminder that you’re by the ocean.

Overall, Trattoria Altrove didn’t disappoint from its incredibly friendly and hardworking staff to the homemade brick oven pizzas. In fact, they passed with flying colours of having truly good and affordable food in Siargao Island. 



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  1. Didn’t know that there’s also a Trattoria Altrove in Siargao! I thought it’s only in El Nido. Looks yummy ❤


    1. glassesgal says:

      Yes, there is! The staff and service was also so lovely!

      Liked by 1 person

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