My Makeup Bag

When it comes to makeup, I do my best to have the most uncomplicated and simplest makeup routine as possible. I don’t wear makeup everyday because it’s either I’m not in the mood for it or there is really no need to. However, if I do wear makeup I like a more natural and sheer look, because not only do I like the appearance of it but I’m much more comfortable as well. These makeup products would probably be my favourites because I’ve re-purchased a few of them already, meaning they’ve worked well with my skin and they’re easy to put on.

Foundation: Clinique Stay Matte Oil Free Makeup

  • This was my first ever foundation that I’ve purchased for myself and I’ve never been more satisfied with my decision. It has the sheer coverage that I look for and most importantly, it does not cause my skin to breakout (which is a huge priority because I have sensitive skin).

Highlighter: Milk Makeup in “Lit”

  • This highlighter is amazing because it’s a cream highlighter, meaning it’ll provide a more dewy and natural glow rather than if you have a powdered one. It looks great with makeup or just bare faced , either way you’ll definitely glow!

Blush: Burt’s Bees Lip Crayon in “Niagara Overlook”

  • This a newer purchased but has instantly become my favourite blush product. Though it is a lip crayon, I use it as a cream blush instead because of the pigment and it can be easily blended on the skin to achieve a very natural flushed look.

Powder: Glossier Wowder

  • This powder… I can’t say enough good things about this product!! This is a really great finishing and setting powder, because it doesn’t leave your skin looking cake-y which is always a good thing. As well, I love how it has different shades because a few translucent powders that I’ve seen from other brands tend to only come in HD white or a beige colour.

Mascara: Tarte’s “Lights, Camera, Lashes”

  • I like this mascara because there isn’t a lot of clumping when I apply it on my lashes. It’s defining, which is really good if you’re looking for that quality in a mascara.

EyeBrow: Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade in ”

  • I much rather prefer the pomade than the pencil because in my opinion I feel like I create much better clean lines. As well, because it’s very pigmented you can either have the clearly defined brow look or you can also use less of the product for a more natural look.

Eyebrow Gel: Glossier Boy Brow in Clear

  • Similar to the Wowder, I am in love with this Glossier brow product. It fills and shapes my brows very well, without looking too overdone. In fact, one of the reasons I adore this product is because it creates the “undone” look of my brow, which I much rather prefer.




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