Edmonton Eats: Doughnut Party!

One of my favourite things to eat when I’m craving for some sugar (or just food in general really), are doughnuts! Who doesn’t like doughnuts, am I right? Well if you’re exactly like myself, I suggest you visit Doughnut Party.

Doughnut Party is a doughnut shop located at 119th St. NW of Edmonton AB. This shop is a little bit hidden, so keep your eyes open for their logo. Doughnut Party serves unique and gourmet doughnuts, alongside freshly brewed coffee. Once you enter the bakery, you are greeted with a cozy and rustic atmosphere of the place and the staff are quite friendly making it an even better environment. Their doughnuts are always fresh, fluffy and yummy! If you decide to visit Doughnut Party, I suggest go there early because they sell until they’re all sold out of doughnuts, and the lines get a little long. BUT, let me tell you, waiting in line is worth it 100% once you get a taste, especially since the size of these doughnuts can almost be for sharing (I mean if you really want to share..). So, if you’re looking to explore beyond the walls of the beloved Tim Hortons, I say Doughnut Party is your best choice. What can I say, in the end you would definitely agree that it’s indeed a party in your mouth once you bite into their delicious doughnuts. Happy Eating!



Glasses Gal

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